Training Tips

Training Tips


- Be sure to try both Mister and Stream on sprayer. Your dog needs to get a good whiff of the smell to reinforce your commands. Say "Quiet" or "Leave it" or "No" give dog 3 seconds to process your command then spray and make sure they give you a reaction then you know they smelled the spray. Repeat until dog associates smell they don't like to your command.

-Problem barking is "no problem" with Stop! Quiet! Off, just a few sprays on either mist or stream and say "Quiet" and you will just have to show your dog the bottle. They don't like the smell so they will stop the behavior. Unlike other products that use blasts of air,( you can get a $4 can of air that cleans your computer)   Stop! Quiet! Off! will not scare your dog. It will just make you a better dog trainer!

- Set Dog up to leave your counter alone: Put something your dog loves up on counter so they can smell it but out of their reach  Hide around corner and when they look up at counter spray them on chest or by their head so they smell spray when they look up at the counter, timing is everything so be sure and do it quickly when they look up at counter and don't let them get positive reinforcement by actually eating what you put up there


- Safely Exit Vehicle: Use spray on mister when dogs try to jump on you in front seat of your car say "Off" and keep repeating and dog will stop that behavior