All I have to say is'"Stop" or "no" and show the bottle. I have three dogs and they were each sprayed twice. I have one dog who likes to challenge me and if I have the bottle in hand she stops. Smells good and I am more than pleased with this product..  By Elisa Rosemund

My husband and I adopted a 70lb. 2 year old Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees a month ago and I have been at my wits- end trying to train her. She was jumping up on our furniture, stealing food from the counter and chewing holes in sheets and towels. I received my training spray yesterday and I am already amazed at how well it works.  She jumped on the couch and I said "off", she did nothing  I said "Off" again and picked up the spray bottle and nothing....I sprayed her and she jumped off the couch and immediately laid down on the floor. Later in the evening, she jumped on the bed and all I had to do was say "off" and pick up the bottle and off she went!!   By Alison P.


"I love it! In fact, I don't need to order more because it worked so well!! I have told many people about it including my fantastic dog trainer. I could not get my German Shepherd to stop jumping on people. I tried everything...this is the only stuff that worked! All I have to do now is say my command and sometimes show her the bottle. Thank you!"
- Nicole, Simi Valley

"I flunked dog training school but I used the spray and it taught me to speak dog!"
- Valerie, Coto de Caza

"This is the best invention I've ever tried! I had my doubts at first because I tried so many things to try to contol one of my dogs. I tried it the day I received it and it worked right away! Now all I have to do is say," I'm going to get the spray."' And she stops right in her tracks!"
- Ramone, Moreno Valley

 "I love this stuff! It's working very well for jumping, barking, bad behavior. It is like being able to speak dog! I am telling everyone at bark park about it!"
- Joanna, Dana Point

"I have a Pom and he barks at everything. Stop! Quiet! Off! is the only thing I have found that stops his barking! I also use it to keep my Golden from chasing our cat."
- Janet, Coto de Caza 

"My Papillon is the perfect dog and the only vice she has is her barking! We have tried a lot of techniques but I only have had to use Stop! Quiet! Off! three times and now all I do is show her the bottle. Our house is quiet and we are so happy!"
- Barbara, Trabuco Canyon